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About FOIL

Florida Organization of Instructional Leaders (FOIL)


FOIL originated in the early 1970s. The organization consisted of approximately 10 assistant superintendents and district curriculum leaders who would meet in Crystal River Florida at Port Paradise, then moved to Tampa Florida, and so forth.


A few leaders formed together from different counties, such as Pasco, Wakulla, and Hillsborough, to meet and share best practices.  Each district would give a 20-minute presentation on the topic of their choice from their district.


In the 1980s, when the statutory requirements began to increase, the focus of FOIL adjusted to develop presentations to share district best practices related to these requirements.  In the 1990s, FCAT came onto the scene and the shift began to require more assistance from the Department of Education.


Where does that lead us now?  Our membership list has increased to over 240 individuals.  The organizational needs have also increased and changed considerably, However, our vision and goals have remained the same for decades.


MISSION: Linking Instructional Leaders to Improve Teaching and Learning for all Florida Students and Educators.



To improve the organizational structure by developing and refining resources, systems, and management processes to match and sustain the mission of FOIL.


Maximizing our influence and opportunities to empower our stakeholders:

* To be instructional leaders

* To effectively implement legislation

* To Guide state and local state decision-makers

* To Share best practices that improve teaching and learning


We continue to strive and meet the needs of our children here in the state of Florida to provide them with the opportunities they need today to become leaders of tomorrow.

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