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About Me.

Dr. Helen Wild is currently the Deputy Superintendent for St. Lucie Public Schools.  Helen has proudly served the students of SLPS for 33 years as a teacher, guidance counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Assistant Superintendent.  As Chief Academic Officer for seven years, including the Pandemic years, she helped lead SLPS to new heights of innovation and success.  She has also enjoyed teaching future leaders at Florida Atlantic University and helped to establish a unique partnership for leadership tracking and development with a Wallace grant. Through these roles, she has worked at all levels, from preschool through graduate school, and marveled at the talents and dedication of educators.


Helen earned her bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York in Albany, NY before moving to Florida.  She pursued her Master's in Counselor Education and earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University.


One of her career highlights was having the opportunity to open a new high school designed in 2006 and serve as Principal for six years.  Treasure Coast High School became a model for other schools and districts with a focus on small learning communities and culture.


As Chief Academic Officer, she is proud of the district’s soaring graduation rates, the creation of model collaborative planning protocols and curriculum resources, creative use of funding to support learning, and many multi-million-dollar grants that have supported a change in the district.


In an additional role, Helen is the Chief Negotiator for contract negotiations with three SLPS Bargaining Units.  Through Collaborative Bargaining, the teams have settled early for many consecutive years and focus on problem-solving.


Helen is happily married to her supportive husband Ray and is the proud mother of two daughters, Morgan and Allison, and, a stepson, Morgan.

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